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Regular Services



Accordingly to the strategy of brand introduction in Portugal, it is jointly defined with the manufacturer/brand owner the way to approach the clients, the sales of the products, as well the turnover objectives



Clients direct invoicing in brands/manufacturers name according to all agreements signed, with forms and documents approved by the portuguese legislation. Emission of credit and debit notes under the signed contracts



Negotiation with the clients to list, place, sell, define action campaigns and promotional activities on every type of product and always in the brands/manufacturer name 

Credit Control


Clients Credit controls responsability, receivables, money collecting, incidents control, account balance corrections and checkings, open documents and extracts.

Money transfers and cheque deposits always go directly to a Brand owner/manufacturer account 




All the integrated logistics operations including goods reception, warehousing, stock control (both in ambient or controlled temperature), order picking and wide deliveries in all portuguese territory including Azores and Madeira Islands



Regular and periodic data transfer with the Brand owner/manufacturer ajusted according to the agreement made, complemented with real vs objectives forecasts and made jointly with the necessary detail to the permanent updating of the business


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